“Welcome to Dundas” Native Seed Kits


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The Dundas Valley is an area is home to the unique and rare flora and fauna of the Carolinian Zone, and links the protected areas of the Niagara Escarpment and Cootes’ Paradise.

These “Welcome to Dundas” Native Seed Kits from Carolinian Canada have seeds to restore ecosystems and save wildlife. The seeds will grow into local wildflowers native to the Carolinian Zone, helping you grow a healthy garden and a climate-smart yard while extending the wildlife corridor for migrating birds, bugs, and more! What if every garden in Dundas could be part of this corridor?

Each kit includes a “Welcome to Dundas” postcard, a packet full of a variety of native seeds, instructions for planting, and a “Healing Gardens” sticker.

“[Dundas] is one of the most biologically rich areas of Canada, home to nearly a quarter of the country‚Äôs wild plants and more than 50 species at risk, and the last intact ecological connection between Lake Ontario wetlands and the Niagara Escarpment.” Dundas Star, April 29 2022

Learn more about Dundas’ role in the local ecosystem here: https://cootestoescarpmentpark.ca