WAMPUM: The Story of Shaylyn the Clam (2019)


Zig Misiak

About the Book

Wampum is a beautifully illustrated children’s book about a clam named Shaylyn, picked up by a young Indigenous girl named Skawennahá:wi. She took the clam(s) back to her village. The contents were used for food, and the shells were used, among other things, to make wampum for wampum belts and strings.

Written by author Zig Misiak and illustrated by  Jennifer Bettio, the story explores concepts like the origin of life and the history of Wampum.

This hardcover storybook comes with audiobook and ebook versions for complete accessibility.


AUTHOR: Misiak, Zig
​ISBN: 978-1797484402
PUBLISHER: Independent

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