The Extraordinary History of Flamborough (2022 Platinum Jubilee Edition)


Nathan Tidridge

About the Book

The fully revised edition of Nathan Tidridge’s local history book. Over 300 pages with 160 colour photographs for this Platinum Jubilee Edition.

Featuring more Indigenous History, Treaty relationships, and Black History, as well as new sections exploring Flamborough’s controversial amalgamation with Hamilton, Waterdown’s reinvention as a postwar suburb, and even the Waterdown bypass.

The book also includes the histories of the many communities within Flamborough, like Carlisle, Freelton, Millgrove, Greensville, Dundas, Strabane, and more.

All proceeds from the book’s sale will help support us as the Flamborough Heritage Society, dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of the people and communities of Flamborough. The cover image is of a group of young people sitting on the Dundas Street Bridge in Waterdown in 1911.

AUTHOR: Tidridge, Nathan
​ISBN: 9780921592594
PUBLISHER: The Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society

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